Through the Winding Path

Bob and I have navigated through the winding path of his illness for 3 months.  The twists, the turns, the hills, the valleys, the sudden stops, the ups and downs seemed to never end.  Then there were the complete rest stops and the times of waiting for days, sometimes weeks.   We have found that the [...]

Right on Time

When the azalea's blossomed, when nature came alive, when surrounded by spring, something else sprung up--Bob's allergies. That was the beginning of this new journey--when our path changed direction. Bob's allergies with his watery eyes and runny nose led to head congestion, chest congestion, cough and a fever. After days of Claritin, Ibuprofen, and cough [...]

A Beautiful Fragrance (revisited)

I eagerly awaited the arrival of my peony blooms this season.   The old-fashioned flower bush has some great memories attached to it--just like my lily of the valley plants do.  Both are favorites from my childhood.  They bloomed in my mother's flower garden, fragrant and beautiful. Although peony flowers are lovely to look at in [...]