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Hello, I’m Nancy–a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a writer.  I enjoy taking walks on the beach, hiking through the woods, flower gardening, reading, photography, and creativity.  Whether I’m cooking a meal, baking, finding a new project to incorporate into my home, snapping a picture, making a cut flower arrangement from my flower garden or writing, I need to create.

I have found, the further I go through life, that savoring each moment with my family and friends or seeing the beauty around me and not letting it slip by unnoticed invariably produces the most joy in my days.  Finding something I am thankful for daily can change a gloomy day into a day brightener.  It can transform a sour mood into a sweet mood.  There’s power in throwing off expectations and living freely in each moment.

For over thirty years I’ve gone through hundreds of pens and many journals, recording my thoughts, penning stories and painting pictures with my words.  I write because I can’t NOT write.  It’s what I do.  It’s who I am and as a result I’ve had several articles and poems published in various hard copy magazines and ezines.

This on-line journal exists, in part, because of the consistent encouragement from my family and friends.  The confidence they have given me to pursue this venture has been invaluable.

So here it is.  A space for me to share my stories.

Because I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, I write from a Christian perspective but, whether you are a Christian or not, my hope is that you would be uplifted through what you read here.

Since I enjoy photography (as a hobby) you’ll also see some of what I snap woven throughout my posts.

If what I share resonates with you or you’d like to join the conversations, stop by anytime.  I’d love to meet you here.

You may also contact me through email at: pensandjournals@gmail.com