The Quiet Season

Snow capped branches

like icing on a cake

glistening in the sunshine

in the morning when we wake

May the wonder of winter

and everything it represents

keep our daily attention

on the gifts that God has sent

There is a holy hush

in creatures great and small

that fills our colder days

with calmness in it all

As our eyes feast on the landscape

in the day’s silent solitude

we’ll drink in all the goodness

and everything that it exudes

Winter is the quiet season

when our soul can be at rest

freeing us from other seasons’ toil

and in the peacefulness be blessed



(All the winter photos were taken by me in my yard)

23 thoughts on “The Quiet Season

  1. Those pictures are stunning… have captured everything beautiful about winter and your poem says it all. Thank you, my friend, for this peaceful beauty.


    1. Thank you my friend! Our winters can be long and hard but there’s still lots of wonder and beauty to be found here too. May you find God’s peace in this quiet season. Sending love …


  2. I love the lines, “Winter is the quiet season/when our soul can be at rest/ freeing us from other seasons’ toil/ and in the peacefulness be blessed” Wow – what a beautiful poem and the pictures are so lovely and calming. Thank you, Nancy!


  3. Nancy, your poem captures both the wonder and beauty of winter. My favorite picture was of the female bluebird enjoying some berries on the bush. While snow covered evergreens give her a place to hide and keep warm the berry ladened bushes provide her with the nutrients needed to sustain her. I love seeing how the Lord provides for the littlest members of His creation during the coldest of seasons.


    1. Thank you, Beth. Your description of the bluebird is lovely. I’m always in awe as I watch the birds during the winter and how God provides for them.

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    1. Thank you, Gary. It has been just the last few years that we’ve had bluebirds stay through the winter here. It’s pretty amazing.


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