Sentimental Journey and the Moments that Count

I've felt sentimental lately. A dear aunt of mine passed away on Thanksgiving. The older I get my aunt's age of 77 doesn't seem that old.  Of course I know that younger (much younger) people or children pass away and the reality is that death is no respecter of age. Either is illness.  My aunt [...]

When Being Thankful Seems Hard

If you look back on my last few posts, you'll discover a pattern. I've woven the word steal into my text a few times. In the article I wrote for FullFill Magazine I used the word rob--same thing. My point was to help us realize that nothing can rob our joy or steal our thankfulness. [...]

Are you wearing your new clothes today?

I'm grateful and deeply humbled to lead you to Fullfill Magazine for today's post.  They chose an article that I wrote titled "New Clothes" for their on-line publication.   You can read my article at If you are new to pens and journals, you are welcome to look through my archived posts and for those [...]

Don’t Let Them Steal Thanksgiving (part 2)

How do we give thanks in a culture that continues to tell us we're not enough, we don't have enough, and that our self-worth is only measured by all that is external? Thankfulness can often be stolen from us, not only as we navigate through the retail stores during the month of November, but during [...]

Don’t Let Them Steal Thanksgiving (part 1)

No sooner the costumes and scarecrows get put away, the last traces of candy vanish and the pumpkins get discarded, no sooner the fall harvest items disappear from store shelves--then all the shiny glitz and adornments for Christmas start appearing. One by one they start lining shelves.  Sometimes Christmas appears alongside autumn, even before November. [...]

He Keeps Weaving ~ We Keep Becoming

It's getting cold. Leaves from the trees are drifting in the wind along with some pretty big snowflakes today.  The once full branches, on the trees, are starting to bare. The days are getting shorter, the air that once brushed my cheeks with warmth has a chill to it now. In the evening as the [...]

Throwing off and Putting on

We traveled north down some winding roads.  There was a spectacular show going on outside the windows of our vehicle. The beauty of autumn surrounded us. I said, "Isn't it amazing that all this brilliant color is a result of dying"?  My husband nodded. Autumn in its brilliance looks spectacular, beautiful, vibrant, lovely and all [...]