When Ink Drips and Camera Clicks

I put my pen to journal and begin to write, I see an oriole outside my window and I grab my camera.  I click to capture the moment and return to my writing. With my mind and emotions wrapped up in so much lately, I finally feel my soul return to its rightful place. The [...]

He Keeps Weaving ~ We Keep Becoming

It's getting cold. Leaves from the trees are drifting in the wind along with some pretty big snowflakes today.  The once full branches, on the trees, are starting to bare. The days are getting shorter, the air that once brushed my cheeks with warmth has a chill to it now. In the evening as the [...]

Throwing off and Putting on

We traveled north down some winding roads.  There was a spectacular show going on outside the windows of our vehicle. The beauty of autumn surrounded us. I said, "Isn't it amazing that all this brilliant color is a result of dying"?  My husband nodded. Autumn in its brilliance looks spectacular, beautiful, vibrant, lovely and all [...]