A New Perspective

“It is not the ‘ministry’ you could have ever anticipated or chosen but we are confident in God’s ability to help you live it out!” (from a dear pastor and his wife)

window xx wdpI pondered those words as winter released its grip.

ranc 4 x wdp

I think God gifts us with creativity to help us cope through the messy parts of life.  I find that my photography is a way to count my blessings.  I capture most of my photographs indoors now.  I keep snapping and pondering…

tulips wdp

tulips 2 wdp

daisies 2 wdp

coffee and book 2 wdp

ranc 7x wdp

It’s been 2 months today since I posted here but I haven’t been stagnant.  What have I been doing?  Besides taking care of my husband, through his cancer and transplant journey, and finding stillness in my photography, I’ve been praying the Lord’s prayer.  Everyday.  Often several times a day and finding power to live out this ‘ministry’.  My prayer, the words that I learned as a child, take on new meaning and perspective these days:

Our Father who art in Heaven 

( You are my Father.  A good and gracious Father.  A Father that I can approach with the truth about my feelings, even weep and find comfort when I need it the most).

Hallowed by thy name

(You are worthy to receive all my praise.  You are high and exalted and I worship you and thank you for allowing me to grieve my way to acceptance.  I praise you for understanding me from the inside out).

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

(May your will be done here in this place (here on earth) where Bob and I live.  Thy will be done.  In releasing my life to your will, it frees me — frees me to give thanks, and leads me to acceptance and in thanksgiving and accepting your will I am surprised by JOY).

Give us this day our daily bread

(Daily bread.  We have enough to eat.  Thank you.  But we need more.  Give us what we need today…peace, patience, endurance, stamina, faith, hope, love, comfort…Give us yourself!  You are the bread of life and in receiving you we receive life.  Abundant life comes by living in your presence.  As my brother, Jim, said to me, “The Lord doesn’t just provide what we need He is what we need”.  And, Lord, you are enough).

And forgive us our sins  

(Forgive me for the sin of fear, despair, or looking back on life as it once was…that life that we left.  Bob’s illness took us out of our comfort zone and we found that comfort zone lacking in many ways.  It’s only in the valley, the trials, the storms that we experience the truth about our Christian faith and what it truly means to follow you.  We understand more fully what you meant when you said:

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple”.  (Luke 14:26)

Even our own families and the familiar can become idols.  We have given up a lot, left family, home, possessions, Bob’s health, friends, church, and now we’re living in a medical bubble in a strange city.  At times it feels or seems like we’ve given up everything …and as hard as that is…it is also freeing).

As we forgive those who sin against us

(Sometimes it hurts when those we thought would be there for us are not or cannot.  Is that a sin against us?  I’ve tried to sort that out, Lord.  When our hope lies in what others do or don’t do, it robs us of peace and joy.  Many do not understand the weight we carry.  Forgive them for they know not what this is or what it’s like. Until we walk in another person’s shoes, we cannot fully grasp the truth.  It is the same for me; for us.  I acknowledge that I don’t always understand what others are going through.  We need to forgive one another!  That frees us to love).

And lead us not into temptation

(Lord, help us not to look at life through our earthly eyes.  Keep our focus crystal clear through our Spiritual eyes.  That first step toward sin often comes through what we see and perceive that we need.  Keep our eyes holy).

But deliver us from evil

( Lift us out from under the weight of the evil one.  Remove his activity in our life and let us not fall into his trap of believing that you are not able to heal. You can and still do and we rest in our prayers for Bob’s healing.  Let us not be lured into self-pity, bitterness over circumstances or lack of trust in your plan and purpose.  We trust and believe in your sovereignty).

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.  Amen!

(And may our lives and all we do and go through point to you.  May you receive glory).  Amen.



27 thoughts on “A New Perspective

  1. There is no better prayer than the example He gave us. This is just beautiful, friend. Always glad to hear from you. You and Bob remain in my prayers.

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    1. I agree that there is no better prayer than this beautiful example that the Lord gave us. There is so much power in it. Blessings to you and yours and thank you so much, Marisa, for your prayers!

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  2. My Dear Friend, Your pastor and his wife are so right in that, even though you and Bob would not choose what you are going through, you will be able to be such a comfort to others who will be dealing with similar situations. Until you have walked that journey you don’t have the total knowledge and understanding that others are dealing with. I am so happy to read your writings once again…you have such beautiful, touching things to say that we can all relate to. A very difficult path you both have been on and we have been blessed to be prayer warriors for you both. Every day we pray for comfort, peace, strength and healing. Love you two so very much. xoxo

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    1. Thank you, Bonnie. Bob and I always appreciate your love and support. It’s a comfort to know that you and so many are praying for us as we walk this out. Bob’s strength keeps increasing and my heart rejoices as I look at him now and remember how far he has come. We see the doctor tomorrow and his biopsies are next Monday on the 18th. Thanks again, dear friend. Love you. xoxo


  3. I loved how you personalized The Lord’s Prayer!
    It gave me a much better understanding of some of the things you were struggling with as well as how you dealt with it through the The Lord’s Prayer!
    I loved your photos too! So calming and full of beauty and warmth! I’m praying daily that Bob gets stronger and that soon you can return to your home in Muskegon. I’m praying that you remain healthy as well. I’m so blessed to follow you and Bob through this journey💕 You guys always have held a special place in my heart! I can’t wait for all this to be behind you and you can move on to the next chapter in your life! Love you guys! Loved this journal entry! My love and prayers for you both!🙏😘💕

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    1. Thank you so much, my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this post. It means a lot to have friends like you who remain faithful in prayer for Bob’s healing and for my strength. We couldn’t get through this alone. Bob’s bone marrow and spinal fluid biopsies are this Monday, April 18. Thanks again for all your support and kind words. Love you! xoxo


  4. Thank you, Nancy. What a beautiful testament of your faith in our almighty father! I can’t wait for the day when we can rejoice with you on the other side of this! God is good and always right on time. Love you two & praying always! ❤️

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    1. I’m looking forward to that day of rejoicing. Thank you for walking with us through this. You know all about the ups and downs but also about God’s goodness through it all. Thanks again to both you and Dave! Love you! xoxo ❤


  5. Dear Nancy, I keep experiencing prompts to pray for you and your husband. I will continue to heed them. Your post touched me deeply—so deeply. I know what it’s like to keep praying a Bible prayer over and over, as I have been reciting one from Ephesians for my family. I don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes, I can’t imagine how hard it must be. But I’m glad you’re “leaning on the everlasting arms”. ❤ By the way, your pictures are stunning—absolutely stunning.
    Blessings & prayers ~ Wendy

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    1. Thank you my dear sweet friend. I can’t thank you enough for being obedient to the prompts from our Lord to lift us up in prayer. It is now 93 days post transplant and Monday, April 18, Bob will be having his bone marrow and spinal fluid biopsies. We are praying that they are both cancer free. Thank you also for your encouraging words. I appreciate your support! Blessings to you and yours ~ Nancy

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      1. Thank you so much Wendy. I just posted a new piece, with some good news, if you want to head over and read it. I’m forever grateful for friends like you who continue to pray. Bob’s not out of the woods yet but moving in the right direction. We still need friends to cover us in prayer! Blessings my friend!

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  6. Nancy, your photography and prose are so deep and beautiful just like your soul. You have truly said “Here am I Lord, use me!” And He surely has! God bless.

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    1. Thank you so much, Tom. Your comment means so much to me! Thank you for your support and especially for your prayers during this difficult journey. God bless you!


  7. Nancy,
    The Lord is working through you! In your photogaphy, in your writing and in the life that you are living. You are a blessing to so many people.
    I only wish I could do more for you!
    Love and prayers are all I have to give.

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    1. Diane, You give us so much in support and prayer and it is truly appreciated. And your prayers are the greatest gift. Thank you so much for being there and for your comment on this post. Love you! xoxo


  8. Just a reminder that I am still praying for you and Bob on this beautiful spring day. I am praying for strength for Bob and health for you both. I am praying for patience as you wait to return to your Muskegon home and that counting your blessings helps the time go by quickly! I’m also praying for a cancer free report from Bob’s biopsies on Monday. I am hoping you’re enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord has made and rejoicing in It😎☀️!!
    Love and prayers💘🙏 Vickie

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    1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder, Vickie. We need a miracle but we know that God doesn’t run out of them and He is listening to everyone’s prayers on Bob’s behalf. He is good and He is able. We get out for walks once in a while and it’s wonderful that spring is finally arriving here! Thanks again. xoxo


  9. How wonderful that you have found and shared this new perspective. This is my first read of the day and I must say I feel very blessed — The Lord has used you, your experience, your words to bless me and others reading this. Oh how truly wonderful indeed!!!!

    May your heart be filled with love and appreciation I’m sending your way. Hugs to you and hubby.

    Happy Sunday ☺


    1. I’m so thankful that the Lord used this post to bless you today. God isn’t wasting this adversity and I’m confident that He is always with me as hard as that may seem at times. He’s got this! My heart truly is filled with love and appreciation that you are sending today. Happy Sunday to you too! ❤

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