An Unexpected Gift

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This place so far from home, the one we live in close to the hospital some may call isolation but we call it holy ground.

It’s a new normal.  A place stripped of most of our possessions but here in the quiet we have found God to be more than enough.

His presence is often experienced the most in our deep nights of the soul.

We are experiencing Him in new and profound ways.

That’s a gift.

Cancer.  My husband’s cancer has caused us to go deeper with God, to experience His peace that passes all understanding more frequently.  Especially in times of fear when we feel lost and alone and cry out to Him.  It may not happen immediately but He always lets us know that He hasn’t abandoned us.

We will never be the same.  You can’t go through something like this and ever come out on the other side of it the same as you entered into it.

Often God’s mercies are wrapped in unexpected ways.

Look at Jesus.  Away in a manger no crib for a bed…

Who would have thought God would wrap His most precious gift of love, grace and mercy in swaddling cloths?

Who would have thought God Himself would come to earth in such a lowly, humble way?

Truth is His most precious gifts often come wrapped that way.  In ways that we would never expect.  His gifts are perfect and right on time.

We prayed for 4 months that a bone marrow donor would be found for my husband.

Many have prayed.  Perhaps you prayed too.

The news came that a donor could not be found through the registry.

More chemo.  More waiting.  More praying. More hoping.

Then the miracle came.

Our oldest son, Scott, tested as over half a match.

Not perfect but good enough.

It’s good enough for a haploidentical bone marrow transplant.

These types of transplants have been done successfully at the University Research Hospital where the transplant will be done.  All transplants come with benefits and risks.  It’s not easy by any means but we trust God with the outcome.

On January 6 my husband will enter the hospital.  His immune system will be suppressed through more chemotherapy and radiation.

On Januray 13, Scott’s bone marrow will be harvested and given to Bob through an IV.

My husband, Bob, will receive the gift of life through the son that he gave life to.  The son we gave birth to is giving his father a second chance at life.

Who would have thought that the answer; the gift would come through our son?

We celebrate the most precious gift ever given in Jesus this month, the one who has given us life eternal.

And we receive with grateful hearts His precious gift of mercy wrapped in the most unexpected way through our son, Scott and we thank our son for his most special offering.  Certainly it’s the best gift that he’s ever given his dad for Christmas.

We are going to have a Merry Christmas knowing that our God knows what He is doing and although a perfect donor match could not be found He is going to give Bob a perfect transplant.

Merry Christmas!

Nancy ❤

( The photo was taken of an angel adorning our beautiful European Cyprus Tree.  Both the tree and ornaments were sent to us by some dear friends)

31 thoughts on “An Unexpected Gift

  1. Nancy, this is such a beautiful entry & testimony of God’s grace in you! As we open our hearts in gratitude this Christmas season, we especially think of you & family. “Surely goodness & love will follow you all the days of your lives.” ❤️


  2. Thank you for posting this! nancy. I’ve been praying for your husband, but never realized God would answer in such a wonderful way. This is the season of miracles. I pray this is the answer you need. Isn’t it something how our trials always lead us to God for help. Maybe because He’s promised to deliver. Merry Christmas to you an your family!


    1. Oh Kathy, thank you so much for your continued prayers. We are strongest in Him when we are at our weakest. God bless you and your family during this season of miracles and Merry Christmas!

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  3. Either I dreamed it or I have seen this post before…and commented. At any rate, it never hurts to share someone’s journey, especially when you post so eloquently about such a difficult subject. May God continue to bless you and yours during this holiday season and as you embark on another process with your husband’s treatment.

    Merry Christmas!


    1. You weren’t dreaming! 🙂 There was some technical difficulty with the previous post so I had to re-post it. Sorry for the mix up. I appreciate your comment here, because I didn’t see it on the earlier post. Thank you for your encouragement and blessing! Merry Christmas!

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  4. Nancy, this is so beautiful….it’s true…we meet God more in the valley’s than on the mountain tops. We’re so thankful for you two and your testimonies during a most difficult time in your lives….your faith never wavers….your trust in God is always there. I know the waiting and waiting is probably one of the most difficult things to go through too. We pray you, Bob and Scott all stay physically healthy along with keeping your spiritual health strong. Love you two. x0x0


    1. Thank you, Bonnie. Waiting is probably the most difficult part right now. We so appreciate you and Tom and your faithful prayers. Staying healthy leading up to the transplant is probably the most important thing right now. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and your family. xoxo


  5. Nancy, what wonderful news. I have goosebumps and blurry eyes from reading this. I am honored to have had the joy of praying for you both, and this post inspires me to keep on praying. One of my girlfriends needed a kidney transplant, and her daughter turned out to be the donor. Now my friend has lived to see her daughter get married and give birth to a daughter. God is good.
    Yes, the difficult places draw us deeper in Him. Your testimony is an encouragement to me.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family ~ Wendy


    1. Thank you so much, Wendy. Your faithfulness in prayer for us warms my heart. We still have a long tough road ahead of us but God is faithful and the prayers of people like you will see us through. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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  6. Praise the Lord! I’m so glad that your son will be able to do this for his father. I pray that the procedure goes well and that your husband is restored to health and wholeness! Hugs and love, N 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you for praising the Lord with us and for your continued prayers, Natalie. There’s still a long road ahead but we are praying that the transplant goes smooth and Bob’s health is restored. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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      1. You are very welcome! I know there’s a long road ahead, but I believe in miracles. In fact I’m still alive because of prayer and a miracle. When you have a few minutes, read my about page. I’ll pray for the same kind of miracle for your husband! ❤


      2. I believe in miracles too. We have hundreds of friends and family praying. I’m so thankful for people like you, who know and are proof of the power of prayer, that are standing with us in this fight! You are a blessing, Natalie!

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  7. You touched my heart tonight, Nancy. I stare often at your empty house and wonder why you have to go through such a trial. Now I see how you are using this difficult time to teach others what the Lord can do when we trust! Thank you for sharing your heart through your beautiful words! Praying!


    1. Thank you so much, Sarah. His grace is sufficient but we couldn’t make it through this trial without the faithful prayers of people like you. For that we are so grateful. We appreciate your continued prayers!


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